About Artist

About Artist

John Shun-Chieh Wang was born into a scholarly family in Taiwan in 1947. His father, Wang Jing-yang (1905-1959), a master calligrapher and painter, began teaching him calligraphy at the age of six and began training in Chinese seal carving at twenty-one. In 1980 Wang settled in the Washington D.C. area where he is recognized as a master calligrapher and seal carver.

Wang’s work, deeply rooted in tradition and rich with personal interpretation, has garnered accolades in exhibitions in Taiwan, China, Japan, France, Italy, South Korea, Thailand and throughout the US. His works are also collected by museums, arts institutions and private collectors worldwide. In 2010, he was awarded the prestigious Sixteenth Global Chinese Culture & Arts Award in Taiwan for his contribution in promoting calligraphy arts. For 2014, Wang was designated as a Seal Carving Master by the Maryland State Fine Arts Council, and also as a Resident Artist Mentor at the Strathmore Arts Center, Rockville, Maryland.

Wang has been working as research specialist/volunteer for Smithsonian Freer/Sackler Galley and Education Department since 1998 and, until 2015, taught at George Washington University. Wang currently teaches calligraphy regularly for The Smithsonian Associates and at his 159 Art Studio located in Gaithersburg, Maryland.


2017 <Collectors’ selected seals at Library of Congress Chinese Rare books> Co-Author
2011 <Teaching Calligraphy in the Modern Era> -lecture/essay
2009 <My Passion for Calligraphy> -essay
2008 <Teaching Calligraphy overseas> –lecture/essay
2007​ <Continue on Seal Carving> -essay
2007 <Seal Carving appreciation in 1978> -essay
1997 <Five Elements of Calligrapny> 30 mins video/CD
1979 <Praise of Confucius, Historical Records> - seal impressions


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